What is a “Healthy Diet?”

The USDA Dietary Guidelines describe a healthy diet as one that:

  • Makes smart choices from every food group and gets the most nutrition out of the calories consumed.
  • Emphasizes fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products.
  • Includes lean meats, poultry, fish, beans, eggs, and nuts.
  • Is low in saturated fats, trans fats, cholesterol, salt (sodium), and added sugars.
  • Stays within daily calorie needs.
  • Finds a balance between food and physical activity.

The friendly staff at Hula’s Chinese Bar-B-Q will teach you how to make the best stir-fry you’ve ever had! Soup, appetizers and steamed rice are brought to your table by your waitperson. The Bar-B-Q is self serve. Choose from our huge selection of thinly sliced meats; freshly cut vegetables, noodles and a variety of mild to sizzling sauces. These ingredients are handed to our specially trained cooks who stir-fry your meal on top of a large, round Mongolian grill.


Sauces are for a full ladle each. Nutrition values are for pre-cooked sauce portions. It is unknown how much is lost in the cooking process due to evaporation and grill seasoning.

Portion (oz)CaloriesFat (g) [sat]Carb (g)Protein (g)
Sweet & Sour1 oz23t [t]6t
Soy1 oz100 [0]02
Kung Pao1 oz18t [t]2t
Wine1 oz00 [0]20
Teriyaki1 oz31t [t]62
Oyster1 oz90 [0]20
Fire Oil1/2 oz12814 [1]tt
Cooking Oil1 oz25628 [2]00
Garlic1/2 oz3t [0]1t
Ginger1/2 oztt [t]tt
Mild Recipe6-1/2 oz36128 [2]235
Spicy Recipe6-1/2 oz46749 [4]174


Nutrition values are for raw, uncooked vegetables. Some changes may occur in the cooking process.

Portion (oz)CaloriesFat (g) [sat]Carb (g)Protein (g)
Cabbage1/2 cup9t [t]21
Onions1/2 cup22t [t]51
Celery1/2 cup10t [t]2t
Daikon1/2 cup8t [t]2t
Baby Corn1/2 cup250 [0]20
Carrots1/2 cup25t [t]51
Spinach1/2 cup3t [0]1t
Bean Sprouts1/2 cup16t [t]32
Zucchini1/2 cup4t [t]11
Tomato1/2 cup19t [t]81
Yellow Squash1/2 cup12t [t]31
Bok Choy1/2 cup5t [t]11
Broccoli1/2 cup11t [0]21
Mushrooms1/2 cup7t [t]11
Green Onions1/2 cup15t [0]41
Water Chestnuts1/2 cup350 [0]91
Green Peppers1/2 cup9t [t]41
Red Peppers1/2 cup20t [t]51
Cilantro1/2 cup20 [0]tt


Nutrition values are for raw, uncooked meats. Meats are for a packed 1/2 cup.
 Portion (oz)CaloriesFat (g) [sat]Carb (g)Protein (g)
Beef1/2 cup1509 [3]017
Pork1/2 cup1135 [2]016
Chicken1/2 cup402 [1]05
Sausage1/2 cup26423 [8]211


Nutrition values are for cooked noodles and rice.
Portion (oz)CaloriesFat (g) [sat]Carb (g)Protein (g)
Noodles1 cup2132 [t]408
Tofu1/2 cup976 [1]41
Rice1/2 cup132t [t]292
Pineapple1/2 cup470 [0]111
Peanuts1/8 cup (1)1651467
Crunchy Noodles1/4 cup60371
Fortune Cookie1 each20t7t


Nutrition values are for cooked appetizers.
Portion (oz)CaloriesFat (g) [sat]Carb (g)Protein (g)
Wontons1 each301 [t]1t
Dipping Sauce1 oz22t [t]6t
Spring Rolls1 each19210 [1]214


Portion (oz)CaloriesFat (g) [sat]Carb (g)Protein (g)
Shrimp, Pork and Chicken1 cup (8 oz)747 [t]66
Potato Garlic with Pork1 cup (8 oz)1259 [t]214
Pork and Bell Pepper1 cup (8 oz)406 [1]68
Kung Pao Chicken1 cup (8 oz)27411 [1]3612
Egg Drop Noodle with Chicken1 cup (8 oz)956 [t]126
Chicken and Corn1 cup (8 oz)1076 [t]165
Chicken Bok Choy1 cup (8 oz)534 [t]45
Beef Onion1 cup (8 oz)955 [t]65
BBQ Pork1 cup (8 oz)2223 [1]3712

Hula’s does not add MSG to any of our foods, however, it is an ingredient in our soup base and oyster sauce from the manufacturer.  Our famous noodles are egg-free.

If you have any allergies or intolerances to any food items, our cooks will gladly clean the grill upon your request.