Join the Hula’s team

Fine Dining Experience


Our dedicated Hula’s Family provides this community a clean, casual, friendly place to enjoy great quality food prepared in a unique style.  We are in the people business – serving good food.


  • We have fun while we work.
  • We treat everyone with dignity and respect.
  • We communicate openly, clearly and honestly.
  • We support balance between home and work.
  • We are a profitable and fiscally responsible company.
  • Our Hula’s family works through support and cooperation.
  • We celebrate and reward accomplishments of our Hula’s family.
  • We provide a clean and safe environment for our customers and employees.
  • We take pride in our commitment to provide quality service and a quality product.
  • We are dedicated to the learning, teaching and ongoing development of each other.
  • We support the physical and emotional well-being of our customers and Hula’s family members.
  • We are always looking for passionate, committed people who can deliver exceptional customer service.  If you are “just looking for a job”, Hula’s is NOT the place for you.  But, if you like our purpose and values, please fill out an application.  Thank you for applying for a position in our Hula’s family.