Hula’s, an idea of it’s founders Rick and Linda Storey, became a reality with the opening of Hula’s Grill near the University in Chico in June of 1984. The first Hula’s had a very different concept from the current Hula’s. At it’s opening, “The Grill” was based on Hawaiian style plate lunches that the Storeys enjoyed while they lived in Hawaii. The menu included teriyaki chicken and beef sandwiches and burgers, various kinds of stir-frys and chow meins.

Genghis Khan would be proud

Customers loved the stir-frys, but often asked to “hold the onions or bell peppers”. The Mongolian style bar-b-q was the perfect solution, allowing the customers to build their own stir-frys exactly as they wished. Hula’s Chinese Bar-B-Q on the Esplanade in Chico was opened in July of 1990 using this concept. Hula’s second Chinese Bar-B-Q on 20th Street was opened in May of 2001.